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Beginner Astrology - Level 2

Expand on your natal chart interpretation by beginning to work with chart patterns, introduction to essential dignities and debilities, dispositor trees, major aspect configurations, additional points and bodies in the chart, and an introduction to transits.


Donna Young Astrologer



Canadian Astrology Conference

September 15-17, 2017

Calgary, Alberta

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Opa Retreat

Join me in Mount Zion National Park, Utah October 19-23, 2017

I’ll be leading a track on Hand Drawing the Natal Chart. This knowledge is required for certification with NCGR. AFA and ISAR, but even if certification isn’t your goal, understanding how a chart is built will ground you to the chart in a more solid way. Participants who successfully complete the assignment would be granted a Kepler College pass in the Level I Math class.

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