Donna Young, Astrologer

A head shot view of Donna Young

Offering clarity, direction & support through the ancient art of astrology.

Donna will help you discover your strengths, gifts, potential, and more.

We all have questions about life, love and work

Get answers through one-on-one consultations

Donna Young has studied Astrology since 2001. She began offering her services as a professional astrologer in 2010, after receiving a degree in Astrological Arts and Sciences from Kepler College. Based in central Alberta, Donna’s clients seek her guidance in matters of love, career, and self understanding. For almost two decades, she’s been helping her clients, many who come to her year after year, to develop a deeper understanding of their life.

What Happens Next

  1. You learn to identify challenges and seize opportunities looming ahead.
  2. Self-discovery begins to unfold, and you acquire a better understanding of your past.
  3. Your ability to build more worthwhile relationships with other people improves.
  4. Your focus sharpens as you achieve clarity of thought.

An Insightful Approach to Personal Development

Being able to navigate successfully through life and work is crucial to our development as healthy human beings. Gaining a deeper understanding of yourself and being mindful of how you deal with challenges and other people is just as important. A personalized consultation with Donna can help you do both and can boost your chances for positive development as a person and as a professional.

People come to Donna for a wide variety of reasons. She loves exchanging ideas with other people and finds honest conversations to be the key factor in allowing clients to reveal their innermost fears, anxieties, and insecurities. Please explore the diverse experiences in store for you as told by some of her valued customers.

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