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Birth Chart Interpretation

This 75 minute reading sheds light on why you are the way you are, helps you to see areas of strength and weakness, and illuminates your gifts and potentials. This snapshot of where the planets were at the moment of your birth is truly a journey in self-discovery.

75 Minute Reading – $180 | Book your appointment today

Yearly Forecast or Transit Update

As amazing as you are, the planets didn’t stop moving when you were born. When we place their position today in relation to your birth chart, we can see what challenges might currently be preventing you from moving forward, what opportunities might be coming your way, and if you’re going through a particularly challenging time, when there might be light at the end of the tunnel. This option is available only as a follow-up appointment to the natal chart reading and includes several charts including transit, solar return, and secondary progressions.

1 Hour Reading – $140 | Book your appointment today

What Just Hit Me?

If we’ve already looked at your chart and you’d like to check the state of the universe, a short phone session can provide some quick answers to what just hit you – and how best to work your way through the chaos.

20 Minutes – $45 | Book your appointment today

Relationship Reading

If you’d like to see how you work best with another person, a synastry and relationship reading will show you the way. This involves looking at the charts of both people to see where positive and negative connections might be in place. Gain a greater understanding of how you will best support each other. Both parties need to be involved in this process.

1.5 Hours – $200 | Book your appointment today

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