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Opened book laying on top of paper with chart

Beginner Astrology Level 1A

Your astrology chart contains detailed information on what makes you unique. Gain greater insight into yourself and others by joining us for a comprehensive study of the fundamentals of astrology: Planets, signs, houses, quadrants, elements, modes, polarities and aspect relationships.

Your registration fee includes a set of Astrology Study Cards and a copy of your birth chart. We will use the charts of the participants for practice. This class is perfect for the beginner. Students with some experience who seek to fill in gaps and work towards certification will be given extra reading and assignments.

Eight weekly two-hour session. 16 total hours of study

$300 includes Astrology study cards

Astrology Level 1B

Expand on your natal chart interpretation by beginning to work with chart patterns, essential dignities and debilities, dispositor trees, major aspect configurations, moon phases, the moons nodes, and additional points and bodies in the chart, as well as an introduction to transits. After successful completion of level 1B, you’ll be ready to challenge the CAAE (Canadian Association for Astrological Education) Level 1 exam, and Kepler College W101 Fundamentals of Natal Astrology.

$300 includes a copy of The Professional Astrologer

Astrological Chart Calculation

Learn how to calculate the positions of the planets and houses in a chart by hand. This step is necessary in order to pass any of the major certification exams. It’s also a great way to understand astrological astronomy, planetary speed and movement, and to connect with the chart on a deeper level. With successful completion of this course and Level 1B you’ll be ready to challenge the NCGR Level I exam.

This is a self study class with both recorded lessons and one-on-one instructional time. $150

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