The Professional Astrologer: Building a Successful Astrology Practise

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The profession of astrology is evolving as our world in transition brings rapid changes, causing people and organizations to seek reliable guidance. What better way to navigate the times than to rely on the celestial clock of planetary cycles. Today, we are witnessing a revival in Astrology with enhanced educational programs, community events, and research, creating better astrologers and a higher quality of service.

But what does it take to succeed as a professional astrologer?

This volume gathers the experience and guidance of some of the world's most successful astrologers, who discuss the dos and don'ts, potential pitfalls and rewards, and crtiical building blocks of a successful and fulfilling practice.

Topics Include:

Marketing Strategies and Astrology Resources

Financial Matters and Legal Issues

Consultation Dynamics and Ethical Considerations

Writing and Publishing


Chris McRae - Steven Forrest - Donna Young - Maurice Fernandez - Sandra Leigh Serio - Georgia Stathis - Anne C. Ortelee - Melanie Reinhart - Robert Woodliff and Leisa Schaim (AFAN) - Caroline W Casey - Monica Dimino - Jacqueline L Jones - Frank C Clifford - Nancy Beale - Kay Taylor - Kim Marie - Chris Brennan - Aleksandar Imsiragic - Madalyn Hills-Dineen - Alexandra Karacostas - Arlan Wise - Linea Van Horn - Ray Merriman - Donna Woodwell - Hakan Kirkoglu - Wendy Stacy

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